Saturday, June 18, 2011

to paint or not to paint; is it even a question?

I have a beautiful Queen Anne writing desk, not too dissimilar from this:

Mine is a darker, and the pulls are different, but you get the idea (it's currently covered with "stuff" or I'd have posted an actual photo.)

The thing is, as much as I love the look of this painted Toby Fairly desk (swoon),

the idea of painting something that once belonged to a family member (my dad's Great Aunt, who never married) coupled with the fact that it's an antique kinda freaks me out.

I have zero problems painting my metal filling cabinet, in fact I'm getting ready to paint it for the 3rd time, but I don't think I can touch my desk.

If only I could find a sweet card catalog style CD storage cabinet at a thrift store,

then I'd paint that and stop all this nonsense. Hmmmm, that's a really good idea. That would be excellent storage for ribbons and trims and other misc supplies. Must remember to Mom on the case- she seems to be able to find anything.

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