Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm really alive- I swear it!

So, I know it's been ages since I posted, so this begs the question:
"What happened?"

Let's see...
Most Saturday's in July I was working at "peasant camp", which is also known as our space at the Renaissance Festival. We purchased a 3rd space, so we were knocking down walls, removing concrete fountains (possibly the best-built item there!- we had to use a jackhammer!) painting, etc.

Fest started in August and ran into October, so I was there every weekend in addition to working  my "real job" all week.  This part of my hiatus is pretty much a blur. Tons of fun at Fest every weekend (including using a CO2 powered confetti cannon to launch marshmallows in an all out war)

In October, I was pretty focused on Breast Cancer awareness- I managed to wear pink to work *everyday* all month long as part of our company's campaign and I also walked in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, raising over $200.

And now it's November.  Wow. is it any wonder I'm exhausted?
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