Saturday, February 4, 2012

a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear

Aparently, I've hit the point in my pregnancy where precious few of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit and the few maternity pieces I've picked up are still too big! THIS IS A PROBLEM.

Right now, I have
  • a couple pair of jersey pants that are comfy and although casual, I can get away with them at work
  • one pair of maternity jeans -picked up at Goodwill for $1.49
  • a hand full of dresses that I picked up over the last year in thrift stores knowing they would be good transitional pieces
  • 4 pair of leggings that I can pair with said dresses since this is Minnesota and I need to keep my legs warm
  • a half dozen small maternity t-shirts or tops that I already owned and are long enough to cover me
That's my entire wardrobe. As a self-proclaimed clothes horse, this is not very much to choose from.  I'm really having a tough time figuring out how to get dressed each day!

Of course, I don't want to spend a lot on clothes because a) well duh, over half my regular wardrobe is from thrift stores & b) I will be changing sizes again soon.

Here's what I've learned about thrifting for maternity clothes:
  • Most, but not all thrift stores have a maternity section, BUT, (it's a big but) a lot of what's hung in that area may or may not be maternity. This really isn't a problem, if it's workable- who cares if it's really maternity or not?
  • Every thrift store is going to have maternity clothes mixed in with regular clothes even if they have a maternity section.  It's inevitable. Workers, whether paid or volunteer do not know that Liz Lange or even that Modern Maternity are for those of us who are expecting.
  • Over half of maternity that is available in thrift stores is DISGUSTING. We're talking the bad kind of polyester and not at all flattering shapes. Just move past that stuff and let some other unsuspecting sap buy it.
I'm lucky. I know how to sew.  I made an old pair of pants into maternity dress slacks only to discover why exactly it was that I didn't mind cutting them up: they don't fit my thighs!  So, now I'm doing to donate them so someone else can wear them and focus on finding a different pair to Frankenstein.

I'm really looking forward to Spring (I mean real Spring, not this February at 40 degrees weirdness that's been happening) so that I can wear more dresses and make more dresses and not have to worry about keeping my legs warm.  I have a few vintage maternity patterns and some vintage fabric that is just crying out to be seen.

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