Sunday, November 8, 2009

even Cinderella had to wait for her pumpkin

I finally got around to faux mercury glassing the pumpkin. I have to say that, not only does it look beautiful, it's stupidly easy! I found another great blog that had even better directions for using the leaf: Get Your Martha On The instructions have great photos that are simple to follow.

I used copper leaf instead of silver, so it's a little different, but here's how mine turned out: (it's really tough to photograph, but in person it's beautiful)
A word to the wise: if you've never used leaf before, it's hard to explain just how thin it is and how important a room without air movement is. It floats even without a breeze. It's also super important to keep your hands clean of the size or the leaf will stick to you and not the project.

Would I do it again?
Yep. I think it really resembles the real thing and if I had something else in the house to leaf, I'd already be working on it.

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  1. What a great idea for using the copper leaf! It looks fantastic. Thanks for linking to my blog!


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