Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm really into silver spray paint. Like, really a lot into it.

I already posted the lamp that was sprayed and now some other things I updated with the same can of paint.

Some before and after photos:


I've had this little plastic basket forever, I've used it to hold about a million different items. Now, it looks great in out kitchen holding over-the-counter meds.


This plastic bin was 30 cents at Unique Thrift- it has a magnet on the back & they had 2 of them stuck together for 60 cents, I gave the other one to my mom. I put the freshened bin on the fridge to hold often used recipes.


This storage bin is from the same trip to Unique as the purple bin. It was originally from Target- I scored it for $3. It looked like it had a chalkboard, but it was really only black paint. With the silver spray paint, some chalkboard paint and felt on the bottom, to prevent scratches, it's now holding stuff on the shelf of our coffee table.

I'm off to frost cupcakes and search for the perfect way to make a new camera bag...

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  1. Its always amazing what a little paint can do! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my bicycle makeover. Have a great week!


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