Monday, August 30, 2010

Allergy Relief

I'm kinda an expert on allergy relief. Why? Oh, 4 and half years of allergy shots, a fair amount of research, questions at the doctor's office and LOTS of trial and error.

I have what's known as "year round" allergies. I have certain times of year that are really terrible, but even in the dead of winter, I'm allergic to dust mites. Late summer is the worst.

My eyes itch and water, my skin itches, the roof of my mouth and my throat itch. I sneeze and sneeze and blow my nose so much it become raw. I actually get so itchy my body starts to sweat & I feel like crying.

Due to my allergies, I managed to have a private dorm room in college and also scored an air conditioner for my room all thanks to my doctor. (there are a few perks)

Anyway, here's my list of things that I find helpful in fighting the worst days. I hope they are helpful:

  • I try to avoid being outside during peek times for the pollens that are bothering me early-mid afternoon for ragweed, early in the day for grass, etc.)
  • I don't mow the lawn- it's just bad news for me.
  • I take my antihistamine religiously during peek times. I like Zyrtec. It works for me. I almost had a party when it went over the counter.
  • I try not to consume alcohol when my allergies at are their worst. Blowing my nose dries me out too much, so it's LOTS cold of water. The cold helps soothe my throat. Popsicles are good too!
  • When I get home, I always wash my hands, then my face, then I shower & wash my hair, all with cool water. All the allergens I've picked up during the day cling to my clothes and hair; that's icky.
  • I change my pillow case & sheets frequently & wash them in warm to hot water to help kill the dust mites. I also don't make the bed. Dust mites like the warm moist air that gets locked under your covers if you make the bed immediately upon rising.
  • I have intentionally not picked plants for our garden that are related to things I know I'm allergic to. i.e. Russian Sage is very pretty, but it's a member of the ragweed family!
  • I've become friends with my Neti pot.
I also have Oral Allergic Syndrome. This causes me to have mouth and throat reactions to fresh foods, such as peaches, that are somehow related to one of my allergens (in the case of peaches, birch trees). I just have to avoid those foods or opt for cooked versions of them instead because the enzymes are broken down.

What do you do for relief?

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