Tuesday, December 1, 2009

it's beginning to...

(I think you know how the rest goes)
I started the slow process of decorating tonight. I'm normally very into glitz for the holidays; I have lots of crystal and silver ornaments, but this year I decided to go a little old school.

I was already feeling really into using my vintage & vintage-styled ornaments, when over Thanksgiving I read an article in the Milwaukee Journal that noted that in economic times like these people tend to decorate for the holidays with "traditional" themes. Now, I'm not limiting myself to red and green and I'm sure many people wouldn't consider my theme very "traditional", but it does reflect a certain mid-20th-century take on the holidays. Here's a sneak peek at the holidays 2009 done my way:
I started with my collection of silver compotes with candles. Some of the compotes were gifts, and the others I picked up at thrift stores and estate sales. The candle cups are from Ikea and a friend gave me the wonderful disco ball ornaments last year. I like them so much I hardly every put them away. I used a piece of white faux fur since it sorta looked like snow. It's shimmery and just makes me smile. I'm really enjoying mixing old with new to get something fresh yet familiar.

Are you going "traditional" in your decorating?


  1. I like that you are going traditonal!!! In my own opinion, I think Christmas should be traditional! I grew up with the decorations always being traditional! I can't wait to come over to your house to see it!

  2. Hey, I'm not promising Norman Rockwell, but it's not all blue and silver like I usually have either.

  3. This is beautiful without being overwhelming. Repurposing classic items is a splendid way to use treasured and scrounged pieces. The colored votive cups give added sparkle.


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