Thursday, January 28, 2010

bathroom renovation, part the 1st

I haven't posted much of late because we're in the early planning stages of redoing our bathroom. It needs it. If you ask our friends it really needs it. If you ask my brother it needs a torch and excellerant.

When we moved into our townhouse almost 8 years ago, the bathroom looked like this:

Pattern, pattern and oh yes, more pattern. The vanity, which matches the kitchen cupboards, was painted very dark navy blue. So was the door. And although you can't see it here, above the door was painted on the wall a sign that read, "The Fish Bowl".

Luckily, we took possession of the house 1 month before our apartment lease was up, so we never lived with all that pattern.

Thanks to my brother, a couple coats of Kilz and LOTS of white paint we turned the bathroom into this more liveable space:

We always planned to "do something" with the bathroom. But as our life changed with unemployment, new business ventures, new jobs and everything else, we never got to it. For 7+ years!

Finally, I'd had enough! I can't take it any more! So, we started plans to redo it. I've spend countless hours on-line searching for beautiful baths as inspiration and found a few really helpful blogs along the way (don't worry I'll share them) and thus it begins.

Plush Nest Bathroom Renovation (insert dramatic music here)
Can they do it?
Can they do it on the cheap?
Stay tuned to see how our heroine (& hero) turn mosaic tile madness into calming bath splendor!

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