Wednesday, February 3, 2010

bathroom, part 2

Choosing what to do to the bathroom is harder than choosing to do something to the bathroom.

I knew I wanted something serene and spa-like, but I also wanted to make sure that it wasn't too feminine or that it didn't have so much personality that future buyers looked at it in the way we did back in 2002.

Here's the palette we're thinking of: The towel rack was just a convenient place to look at everything in good light & it's going to get refinished to be a closer match to the wood tone of our existing mirror, represented by the cherry color on the right. The rack was purchased when we still apartment dwellers and it didn't find a home here until this fall when I realized that with company coming, we needed more hanging space for guest towels.

We haven't decided yet if we want to go with the wood tone or white for the new vanity that Joe is going to have built at work (thank you 5 years w/ the company bonus!)

There are 2 slightly different colors of Cambria being considered for the counter, then white, represented by the tile, for the fixtures.

We're trying to choose one of the paint colors for the walls and we're leaning toward the top chip. Since the room is on the small side, we don't want the color to overwhelm the space.

The tiles are a really amazing deal. Joe's coworker has them. Lots of them. We're getting them cheap. They're just under 12x12 and although they look rough they are a smooth matte glaze and pick up the other colors nicely.

In my last bathroom post you may have noticed that the tub is white and the surrounding tiles are bisque. This really bugs me, but they are functional and if we can't afford to change them right now, I could still find a way to go on living. That said, I'd like to do something different, but we haven't thought that part out quite yet. Which really means the guy and I don't see eye to eye on this one, so to keep "domestic tranquility" we've avoided the discussion. (we have enough going on without that!)

In our next bathroom segment:
Peggy sets a budget! (can she stick to it?)
Concept elevations and ground plot

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