Thursday, June 17, 2010

My New Big Girl Bike!

I still really love the style of a real vintage bike, but I came to realize that I could get that same feel with a new retro-styled bike.

Enter everyone's friend Craig & his list.

I just brought home this Manhattan Cruiser Aero Deluxe 6 Speed for about half the price of a new one! This baby's hardly been ridden! The tires still have the little hairs on them! (and although it's a little unclear in the photo, those are white-walls!)

I'm going to have to do some basic maintenance and some adjusting, but that's just normal stuff. I'd like to get a basket for the front (maybe one of those cool ones that has a handle for shopping) I also have to replace the grips, they're torn, but overall, I could squee like a little girl (wait, I already did!)

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