Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are you a contractor?

No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! (more on that later)

Tuesday, Joe picked up the floor tiles from his co-worker and got rid of some of the big trash. He also got some the cement board cut for the bathtub area, but realized once he started to install it that because that’s a community wall between our house and the townhouse next door, the dry wall was is ¾ inch and the cement board is ½ inch. Luckily, the cement board has a much higher fire rating than that of drywall, so we can use dry wall shims. Only problem is that the Home Depot near us doesn’t carry dry wall shims! I even asked at the contractor desk and he was surprised that they didn’t have them.

We weren’t in a mood to go to a further away Home Depot, so, instead of putting up the cement board, we skim coated the parts of the dray wall that were damaged when we pulled off the tile. The largest portion of this will be covered with our backsplash tiles or baseboard, but we want the edges to blend nicely into the main part of the wall.

Then we called it a night early and headed to the Holiday Inn Express for a little R&R. I’d received a voucher for a night’s stay through an event & thought this was a perfect time to use it! We swam in the pool and sat in the hot tub, ate Culver’s custard & just hung out. We both felt better after having the chance to get really clean.

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