Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm in ♥ with

my new phone!

I've finally crossed over to an Android phone and I'm never going back! I'm now the proud owner of a Samsung Vibrant:

I'm now fully immersed in finding apps, looking for a great inexpensive cover for it and figuring out just why the really nice screen protectors are 25 bucks!

I've downloaded a few apps, but it's funny to me to think about some of the crap people have made and that other people have downloaded (& in some cases actually paid for!) I don't know about anyone else, but I don't personally need my phone to be a graphing calculator, but my math impairments do appreciate a good tip calculator that divides also divides the bill between friends in a snap.

Oh! I have to mention that if you're new to Android phones like I am & you haven't texted very much, the Samsung Swype is AWESOME!!!!! I ♥ it! I hate trying to tap out words in a text & Swype lets me slide my finger across the screen from letter to letter and then it either knows what word I'm spelling, or it lists words that might have been what I was Swyping and I can pick- SO EASY!
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