Tuesday, January 25, 2011

spray bottles

My spray bottles arrived yesterday & frankly, I'm disapointed.

They aren't nearly as nice as I'd hoped, although I'm not sure what type of quaility I was really hoping for at $2 a pop.

They are far more vibrant in color than I'd expected. And they actually hold around 20 oz, not the 16 they are labeled at, which was a nice surprise.They leak a little and the bottles are very light weight plastic. I wrote a review on Amazon and hopefully it's helpful to someone else who is looking for bottles like I was.

Here's the thing: they are manageable. For now.

The ironic this is that now that I've started using them (the bathroom is a whole new kindof clean, but more on that in another post) I found these, also on Amazon:

They are more expensive at $10.79 for the set of 3, but they are aluminum (☺!) and listed as holding 20 oz, which I've learned with the not so great bottles is a perfect size!

If I have any commissions on my check this week from selling packages, I may have to splurge on them and say to hell* with the others!

*recycle or relegate to crafting

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  1. Nothing better than some cook spray bottles! Good luck with your cleaning! I too love a good cleaning project! Hope to see you around soon:)

  2. oh, i forgot the desk is from Target!

  3. Thanks for visiting again! I was going to send you an email but you are a no-reply blogger, this is probably intentional? Anyway thanks so much for your sweet comments, I really hope people participate, it's my first link party... I'm a little nervous about the turn out!

  4. Aw, I hate when you get things and they aren't quite as you thought they would be! I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog (via Emily A Clark) and for commenting! That means a lot! I appreciate it.


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