Tuesday, April 12, 2011

one of these thingsis not like the other

Notice how different the labels are on my bottles?

I actually used the same inkjet clear labels for both, but the "scrub" bottle went through a special treatment first. Turns out that the layer that is added to the labels to make the inkjet ink stick to them (but not make them water resistant) is *removable*!

Using some of my homemade cleaner & a scrubby sponge, I was able to get rid of that stuff & then ran the labels through my laser printer, thus making water resistant, clear labels!

Ok, so they aren't perfect, but they look pretty damn cool. I know that they will eventually need to be replaced, but by then I might even own a Silhouette and would be able to make something really cool.

By the way, if you are wondering and don't already know, the font is Pharmacy, which is easily down-loadable & although you can't see them, I typed the recipes on the back in good ol' Century Gothic- easy to read and a nice clean contrast to Pharmacy.

I'll get the cleaning recipes up soon...

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