Monday, May 2, 2011

gadgets and gizmos galore

Over Easter weekend, Joe and I visited his parents & his mom asked me to do through some old sewing stuff that had belonged to her aunt. I expected to find buttons, old spools of thread and assorted other basics, all of which I found and some of which came home with me, but the coolest thing was this box:

First off, I'm a sucker for a cool looking box, but what really got me was what was inside:

It's a whole kit of Kenmore specialty sewing machine feet and color coded cards on how to use them! I ♥ color coding!
Not only that, but after I brought it home, I confirmed that they fit my modern Kenmore machine!

The old school zipper foot kicks the gluteus maximus of the one that came with my machine & it's fully adjustable without having to remove it!

I love how each attachment fits neatly into its own place in the box:
I can hardly wait to try out the ruffle attachment, but unfortunately, that may have to, because I'm already in the middle of, oh, half a dozen other projects and I really should finish one of them before adding another.

And on a completely unrelated topic, here's a pic of me at work on the day of the Royal Wedding:

Who says it's not normal to wear a lace dress to work? We had an afternoon tea that day, so of course I had to be dressed for Westminster. The cup holds Prince of Wales tea, naturally.

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