Saturday, March 24, 2012

diaper bags

My goodness! There are so many baby things to think about and so many of them are SO EXPENSIVE! I've come to the conclusion that there are some things I'm willing to pay for and other things I can make myself.

A diaper or nappy bag fell into the later category. So, I started looking at ones on etsy.  I kinda fell in love with BagEnvy's Montery style bag.  Specifically, I love the grey exterior and the colorful interior of this one:

I already had the most awesome Space Invaders fabric that Joe and I had earlier purchased and which has inspired our nursery- Smirk Alien Nation:

With this specific bag and the fabric in mind,  I started to look at tutorials or free patterns for similar bags, which are in abundance.  The Gathered Bag Tutorial at BumbleBee Bliss is an especially good set of directions.

It's very easy to follow and has LOTS of photos, making it very easy to follow. (and it's just my luck that the colors caught my eye since it matches the Space Invaders fabric ☺).

So, armed with the directions and with the dimensions of the BagEnvy bag, I set out this morning to make my own pattern.  It's pretty simple and I think it's going to yield a nice sized tote that's uniquely ours around $50 with all the supplies.

I've selected a nice grey cotton for the exterior  from Jo-Ann and have found some hardware on etsy, but before I proceed further, I'm considering whether I should use Heat n Bond Iron On Vinyl to make the interior more water resistant.  It's something to ponder since I'm having trouble finding it signature
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  1. i wish i had gone with a handmade diaper bag back in the day. so many cute ones. i'm sure yours will be great with that cute fabric. someday i'm going to learn to sew. i leave it to my mom these days.


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