Sunday, April 29, 2012

Diaper Bag? Check!

Although I started the diaper bag WEEKS ago, I *just* got around to finally finishing it.  It was sitting without straps for the longest time (cue Billy Joel's sing here: oh, oh, oh, oh, for the longest time...). Sick of seeing it in it's almost finished state, today I got the straps attached!

After some debate and one failed attempt at a bag I started and decided wasn't the right shape, size or design,  I now have a perfectly simple and roomy diaper bag:

As you can see, I went for the grey exterior of my inspiration and a fun interior as planned.  I made a nice big zippered pocket on one side & on the inside I went ahead and used fusible vinyl.  The vinyl was pretty easy to iron onto the fabric-just follow the directions, but sewing it was a challenge. 

It's kinda tough to hold on to and because I used the vinyl to make the bag more water resisitant, I didn't want to put a lot of pins through it.  In some places I ended up using blue painters tape to hold things in place until I could stitch them down and then pulled the tape away.

The most difficult part was the elastic pocket, which is on the side of the bag at the bottom of the photo, so it's hard to see it.  Because of the vinyl, it was just more challenging than other elastic pockets have been for me in the past.

I also added a couple of heavy duty snaps on the ends of the bag to bring in the sides a little and if we need the extra space, a quick unsnapping will give it.  The magnetic snap almost perfectly matches the green of the space invaders fabric- I was really pleased when I found it because I was planning on either black or silver not knowing that lime green was even an option.

I have the fabric to make a matching changing pad w/ green PUL on one side so it will be easy to clean and also a draw-string pouch that will be easy to grab and take to a restroom for when we're out and about and baby needs to be changed.  I'm thinking some type of first aid kit would also be a great idea- perhaps a cosmetic bag since it's small, but would stay well organized.

And did I mention that the bag matches the new stroller and carseat?  Well, it does! (it's almost like I planned it that way!)

I'm hoping to post soon about painting... 

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