Sunday, June 17, 2012


Although I haven't been posting, I have been busy.  For some reason incubating a new human life inside one's own body is hard work!

Since everyone I know who has seen a photo of our nursery alphabet wall think's it's pretty darn cool and they also can't belive I made it, I thought I'd do a super quick post on it.

Of course, there are about a milllion alphabet walls for inspiration out there & many of them are pinned to my Nursery board on Pinterest, so I'm not going to go into posting more here.

Here's how it turned out:

The wall is "Crayola Gray" by Dutch Boy, which we had mixed in their Zero VOC Paint (AWESOME!) and the colors  really pop off of the neautral background.

Here's a run down of where the letters came from & what I did to them:

ROW 1: 
A- Thrift Store- covered with fabric
B-Hobby Lobby- painted & covered with fabric
C- Jo-Ann- painted
D-Michael’s -(started as a P)- painted and covered with fabric
E- Thrift Store- covered with scrapbook paper
F- Jo-Ann- painted
G- Thrift Store- recovered in new fabric
H- Pottery Barn Kids clearance $.99- painted

ROW 2:
I- Thrift Store- recovered in velvet
J-already owned, originally from Marshal’s- painted
K- Jo-Ann- covered with fabric
L-Gift from Mom, probably from a Thrift Store- painted
M- Michael’s- nothin'
N- Michael’s- covered with fabric
O- Jo-ann (it’s a button)- painted
P- Already owned; originally from Archiver’s- silver leaf
Q- Hobby Lobby- covered with fabric
ROW 3:
R- Hancock Fabric clearance for 75 cents!- nothin'
S- Jo-Ann- painted and covered with scrapbook paper
T- Michael’s- covered with fabric
U- Hobby Lobby- painted
V- Thrift Store- painted & covered with scrapbook paper
W- Thrift Store- recovered in new fabric
X- Micheal’s? Hobby Lobby? Jo-Ann? I really can't remember!- covered with fabric
Y- Pottery Barn Kids clearance $.99- painted

&- Thrift Store- recovered in vinyl (big pain!)
Z- Hobby Lobby- covered with fabric

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  1. Oh this is AWESOME! I love how the colors look against those dark walls. SO well done!


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