Sunday, March 7, 2010

bathroom renovation, contiuned

I'm a naughty homeowner. I haven't done the budget for the bathroom yet. I also made a coupe of purchases before making the budget.

I'm totally excited about said purchases and they aren't going to break the bank, but I also know we really need to sit down, make a list and figure out what it's going to cost.

Yesterday, Joe and I went to a store that we recently heard about: Building Materials Outlet It's sort of a big thrift store for home improvement. It's a warehouse and there's lots of stuff & a lot of the prices are very good, but like any thrift store shopper knows, you have to know what you're looking at. I know to a certain extent what I was looking at and after that it was a good thing I had Joe.

**word to the wise-they require you to sign a waiver if you bring kids because there are forklifts moving things & it's a little cramped in some areas, leaving the kids at home is a good idea**

We had a lot of fun looking at all the building materials, but our goal was to see if they had anything we could use in the bathroom. Turns out, the answer was yes! Decorative tile! Affordable decorative tile!

Jeffrey Court 3X12 Random Block Mix:

It's sitting on a piece of out floor tile. Isn't is nice?

It's $3.99 a piece for the 3X12 plus a 12% mark up (charged on all their stuff), but we really only need 8 tiles for a backsplash, so that's not bad at all. About $36 to have a really pretty tile and a unifying design element seems like money well spent, but we didn't have any of our chips with us, (naughty once again) so we weren't sure how it would look.

We bought ONE.

I know what you're thinking. It's like a thrift store! It could be gone!

Before buying ONE tile, I asked how much they had. She said "lots". I explained the situation. I asked if "lots" meant 1 case or 1 pallet. Turns out it was more like 2 or 3 pallets, so I felt safe in buying ONE and since we like it, we can go back next weekend for more. (not open Sundays, bummer).

Just in case they sell all of it in the next week, I also have a back up plan:
I found it on line. The price is the "same" before the BMO 12% is calculated,but the shipping from the online source makes it almost identical. Either way, we have a tile choice!

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