Thursday, March 11, 2010

more bathroom renovation

On Sunday, I mentioned "purchases" and then only wrote about 1 purchase. Sooooo, without further adieu, here's the other bathroom purchase I made:

Yes, it's a sink. A used sink. 30 bucks at the Reuse Center. We had talked about reusing our current sink or buying a new under-mount sink, but as we were on our Saturday adventures, we spotted this one and decided that it was really cool and totally the right price.

It looks a little rough, but it's in great condition under all that dirt. & don't worry, we WILL NOT be using that lovely brass faucet that came with it. (notice the handles fell off?)

We have decided that we will turn around and donate our current sink back to the Reuse Center. So, who knows, some other blogger might get to buy it for her bathroom!

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