Thursday, July 1, 2010

more bathroom fun!

After work yesterday, I came home to cement board on the walls. Joe did a really great job cutting the holes for the faucet.

After quickly changing clothes, I started sanding the repaired areas of the walls. YUCK! what a nasty task! As much as I hate wearing a dust mask, I had to. In the process, we found a few spots that we had to hit with another coat of dry wall compound, so although I really really hoped to be able to paint, it wasn't meant to be.

We also came to realize that the bathtub is slightly arched. Every one of the corners is lower than the middle of each side. This lead me to Facebook my friend who tiles things professionally and ask his opinion. He gave me great advice and that slight crisis was averted.

Tonight, I found that Joe had put down the floor cement board. Doesn't it look nice? It It's starting to look like a livable space again, almost.

I also learned about these cool rings that are available to bring the toilet flange to the correct height. For our tile, we needed 2. Notice that we actually remembered to place the new bolts for the toilet before it was too late- I'm particularly proud of that.

I did a quick paint job of white to prime the repaired areas of the walls and I'll likely end up lightly sanding (oh, joy, my favorite!) after a second coat. I really can't wait to get the real color on the walls. (By the way, an old shower curtain liner makes an excellent drop cloth!)

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