Tuesday, July 6, 2010

bathroom, day 12?

I think this is day 12 without a fully functional bathroom. It's really getting old. No, it was old on Sunday, it's a real pain in the neck now.

Saturday, Sunday & Monday were spend working on the tiles around the tub. This went much more easily than it did with Joe on his own. I burned or buttered tiles and he placed them. I did place a couple of tiles just so we could keep making progress while he made cuts.

We saved all the cuts until the end. Joe did something really smart. He numbered each piece and each spot on the wall so Joe called the number of the next tile and I got it ready. It was pretty slick. Of course, setting the subway tiles in a brick pattern added to the number of cuts, but it looks so cool!

We did end up purchasing a wet saw because we would have spent more money renting one and not had the ability to to take our time.

On the 4th of July, we knocked off early and headed to the lake where we got engaged 10 years ago during the fireworks. I've always wanted a good photo of the fireworks to hang in our house & this year I decided to try taking some. I got a few good ones. I think I might blow this one up & frame it:

Monday, after we finally finished with the subway tiles, we had enough mortar left to place 6 floor tiles. I also got the cutting in done with the final paint color. Spring Rain by Pittsburgh Paint. It's tough to tell in photos because it's really pale green and the blue painters tape reflects the light onto it, but it's exactly the color I was seeking. I wanted something reminiscent of the color water appears to be in a clean white bathtub.

Tonight, we finish setting the floor tiles!

I can't show you the view from the other end of the bathroom because we can't walk on the tiles; we finished setting them about 25 minutes ago.

I really can't wait to take a real bath again- the wash tub in the basement really isn't a good substitute!

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  1. Tile....I freeking hate tile. Especially after having to pull up all that tile in our kitchen. And just like you, there was no thin coat. Fricken glued right down to the floor. Fun stuff!

    Good to see you're keeping Joey in line. :D


  2. what a great transformation, i love the subway tile. yikes, i can't believe you lived without a fully functional bathroom...it took us so long to do our second bath, but my boyfriend told me if it was our only one, it would NOT have taken long, lol.

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and i am glad you found a new way to elevate your goodwill lamp! awesome!

  3. It's been, um interesting. Luckily, my parents aren't far away, so we could visit them if our own stench was too great!

    I'll have to drop by with a link after I find the right books to elevate it.


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