Monday, July 12, 2010

bathroom, getting closer

We're getting really close to having the bathroom done!

In addition, we're just barely over budget. When I say barely, I'm talking 13 bucks barely. That will change a little because we still need to purchase a sealer/enhancer for the natural stone tile & the grout and base trim, but we also have a couple of returns to make, so we'll come out pretty darn close to my estimates!

We should have everything in and beautiful by the end of the weekend. We're hoping to get the vanity and the toilet in tomorrow and then we'll be down to easy stuff like rehanging the towel bars.

I'm going to hold off on many more photos, mostly because I love a big reveal, but also since a lot of what's left is BORING. Here's one last progress shot:

This is a great pic of the wall color and the tub filled with the inspiration for the color. Yep, that's water, nothing special about it. We'd filled the tub so it was weighted when we caulked & this is the only photo I've been able to take that shows off the color of water in our tub at all.

You may be wondering why the wall is painted in that manner. It's because I only painted the areas that will be seen with the final paint & just primed the area under the vanity. Joe tried to convince me not to paint that at all, but I wanted it nice and clean under there & I think the white paint will help add a feeling of more light when I search for something. Above the white paint is where the backsplash tile is going, so it's better left unpainted.

I'm so excited!

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  1. OOh,it looks like your bathroom is coming along! I LOVE the tile you chose! I love dark grout, too. :) Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. thanks Amanda!
    I really can't wait to show off the finished bathroom.
    BTW, I'm adoring your blog- it's now featured on my sidebar "Are you reading this?"


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