Sunday, July 18, 2010

farmers market

Yesterday, Joe and I discovered the Bloomington Farmers Market. Well, maybe "discovered" is too dramatic. We knew about it and based on the number of cars and people, so did everyone else, but we hadn't been before.
Now, I've been to my fair share of farmers markets in my day, most notably the Minneapolis Farmers Market, which is very big and always makes me think of Barnardo's line in West Side Story, "under the highway" since it's underneath the freeway, but my most fond memories of farmers markets are those that I visited with my Great Grandma when I'd visit her over the summer. She and I would nearly always come home with a couple bunches of glads, honey still on the comb and tomatoes.

So, yesterday, in the stickin' hot weather, Joe and I trekked over to Bloomington. The band he plays in, Medalist Concert Band, was playing and I thought it would be nice to do some shopping before hand.

When it comes to produce, I really like to buy local if I can. This can be really tough in Minnesota since our growing season doesn't allow for things like bananas or oranges and forget about local broccoli in December!

We came home with:
2 pinks of raspberries (one's already gone)
2 bunches of rubarb
1 loaf of blueberry fritter bread (made the best french toast ever!)
a package of cheddar filled Polish sausage
a hamburger strudel (to bake some night when we don't feel like cooking)

While there we ate:
1 fresh made smoothie
2 cashew clusters
samples of bread, olives, corn

Took lots of pictures, helped local farmers/businesses, listened to a great concert and played with puppies!

We're SO going back.

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